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My employer uses digital certificates for login to webmail, etc... These are re-issued each year, and I cannot get OW 5.10 SP#116127 or the current 5.9.2 release version to successfully log in using this method after updating certificates. Here is the code on the login page:

Log in with your xxx digital certificate:
<a href="">
<form method="POST" name="query" action="use-cert.cgi">
<legend>Log in with xxx Digital Certificate</legend>
<div align="left">
<input type="submit" value="Log In">
<input type="hidden" name="reply" value="2cert">

The error mesage OW returns is: NSURLErrorDomain error -1206
A link is also displayed:

I received this message regularly with the current release and sneaky peeks using the old certificate. The work around was to click on the link embedded on the error page, and OW would ask for my keychain password and return back to the login page. Hitting the login link a second time would then work. If the keychain had been accessed for another web password recently, OW would skip the asking for the keychain pw and go to the login page where you could then log in successfully. With the new certificate loaded into the keychain, clicking on the cgi link just returns you to the error page. You are never asked for the keychain password. Other web password access is unaffected.

MacBook Pro, MacOS 10.5.7