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...Currently I use flags for things I really should do for the day, like help someone out, practice goals I have etc., but that are not actually due that day. Repeating actions often don't fit into that category, so I couldn't flag them according to that method. ....
In essence then, you have a perspective (flagged) that does not show the repeat action. When you are truly intending to do the repeat action, flag it. Otherwise, consider it showing in your unflagged lists only as "available now for ongoing daily/weekly ... review" rather than "available now to do now". Then, you could stop worrying about how to shuffle the task off to a different date, only later to "re-shuffle" and then "re-shuffle" and then ... someday eventually maybe marking that task truly to do.

Just a thought.

ps -- You will have to unflag the repeat task before you check it off complete or your new repeat task will return as being flagged.