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Hello: I've just started using OW. Mac PPC, fast enough, > 1GHz.
-I want to close the tab sidebar even if I have several tabs open. Can I do that?
-In registering for this forum, and in trying to use BBC's iPlayer, I could not do so. Flash is required to see the "secret word" images to complete the reg. But I do not see the options where I could enable flash images. So i had to use Safari to register for this Omni forum. Not a good sign.
-How about being able to use BBC's iPlayer? Granted, the newest iPlayer uses a non PPC flash player, but many BBC sites are holding on to the older version. BBC iPlayer still works on those, with Camino. So how can I get OW to stream from those same sites?
-Is OW compatible with any flash at all?