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Hey guys. Thanks for your answers and input.

I waited to get back to you to explore the solutions shared here but it ended up taking a little longer than expected. ;)

Maybe something like subversion is overkill.
What I learned since my first post is that when syncing a database from an application, Dropbox seems to wait until an Application has quit to fully write all the changes.
For instance with Devonthink: even if all documents are saved, if I open the app on another computer and save some more documents on this Mac, there will be conflict since dropbox didn't truly wrote the changes all the way through.

So after all, I guess I'm in search of a syncing system that has immediate write/save. No need to quit the app.

I'm know I'm out of OF concerning that, but you may have some nice final input.


P.S. I've checked with the developers and they all confirm their software write the changes right away so it would be how dropbox handles the changes