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As long as our friends at Omni indeed keep adding features (like edit dependencies!), I think this was a great release. I don't play "Angry Birds" (or other games); OmniPlan (PM) is one of a small number of iPad apps that I find useful, excluding "free" stuff like web-browsing or Twitter.

The iPad app culture is different from PC/Mac "shrink-wrap" software, being more like the Open Source or freeware culture. There just isn't the cash-flow for the sort of apps we see in the PC/Mac environment, and not enough "long-hairs" to volunteer their efforts for free apps like we see in the Linux world. The iPad hardware is *very* limited (slow CPU, no SD slot (grrrrrr), etc.), the apps only cost a fraction of what PC/Mac "shrink-wrap" software does, etc.; for now, the iPad is basically a "sand-boxed" "consumption" device, much like the iPhone or iTouch, but with a bigger screen.

I only expect so much of the iPad, or apps on it. I'm more than content to get the app now so I can get started, as long as the next few months see features added to round-out usability. If apps like this get "rounded-out", I'll stick with the iPad. If not, I'll go "ultrabook" next year, after the Windoze 8 dust settles, and screen-resolution hits 1920x1080 as the "basic" screen resolution.

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