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What exactly did you expect?
I know this question was directed at Ken, but he's at WWDC this week and even busier than usual, so I'll step in.

I think we expected pretty much what has come to pass: that the release of the app without these features would disappoint some folks - a thread like this one appearing isn't surprising - but overall the release would make customers happier.

Remember: before last week, folks had no iPad version at all. And while some folks need printing or PDF export, based on the app store ratings, it's not everyone.

The number of emails we're getting asking when these features are coming doesn't equal the number of "I need OmniPlan for iPad" emails we were previously getting. At the time of this writing, just under two-thirds of the app ratings in iTunes are 5-star ones. Total the 4- & 5- star ratings and that goes to just under 70%.

Are there more 2- and 3-star reviews than we'd like to see? Absolutely. But we know how to change that. And it doesn't mean we should force 100% of our customers to go without an app in order to make the third of them that are a little disappointed right now happier.