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Hi Brian,

As someone who has been using your software since it was first bundled on Mac's many years ago and finds value in being an Omni Customer I have two thoughts for you.

1. Unless your business model is different than mine (we produce corporate documentaries in the energy and defense sector) I, sure can't afford to make one third of my customers a *little* unhappy.

2. I know in mine and other cases I've seen posted both on this forum and the App Store reviews, all you would have had to do to avoid 1/3 customer disappointment is to be up-front about lack of input/output options on your App Store product description. You could have even done it in a positive manor such as:

"Input / Output options-
Inputs documents created by OmniPlan Desktop
Outputs to OmniPlan Desktop or screen capture

That way purchasers would either understand the products limitations or at least feel you hadn't misled them by your silence. For that matter that might be a good thing to add right now before your 1/3 grows in size.