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Hello. After reading a bunch of articles on here and elsewhere, I'm still a bit unclear how to maximize start dates-start dates seem to be the preferred way to push off actions that you can't attend to immediately, or to not overwhelm w/ past due, but after switching my non hard due dates to start dates, many things were lacking that I've seen complained about in the forums, but still not sure what workaround is best.

Mainly, I'm on the ipad, I used the computer to set prefs and perspectives and when I have a lot of typing, moving things around. Iphone when I'm on the go.

Forecast view is the main prob. On the one hand, start dates take away the pressure of the #s in the badges and under the weekdays, and overdue, but start dates have too little presence. Especially, if I have a start date and I haven't ben in OF for a while and that date passes. If it wasn't flagged, I pretty much lose track of it, unless there's a good/fast way to see this. With due dates, at least I have a "past" area I can see what fell off the table and move it up again. Also things like alerts, etc have been brought up, as well as color coding, orange and red-most don't like to see red, but to me that just means something I meant to start today got overlooked and I don't stress about it, just move the date up..I get more stressed when I wonder if I missed something that slipped by because I used start dates.

Maybe there's a way to use perspectives to solve this, or another way?