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Some suggestions that have worked for me: (Your mileage may vary, etc.)

1) Move the gym reminders out of this app. Maybe somehow OmniFocus should work well for this, but for some reason, it doesn't. (If I could figure out why, I'd campaign to fix it.) For me they go in the clock/alarm app on my phone. For other people, they go on the calendar. Getting to the gym happens more consistently when I treat it as an appointment (with a nearly-fixed date and time) than as a "to do". Because it's okay to procrastinate on a "to do", but if I miss an appointment, it's gone.

2) 50-75 actions is still too much. For the contexts that are available to you very frequently (Home, Work), put entire projects on hold (to be reviewed and re-activated later) or give them future start dates. And then put future start dates on more actions. Start dates work better when they're used to hide things for now than to draw your attention to them later.