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I've been using OF since it was Kinkless GTD, but it took me a long time to understand the value of hiding as many actions as possible. So now I try to find a way to keep my today list under 5 items to start. Actually, three items seems to work even better, especially if any of those items requires concentrated focus (for example preparing a documents for a couple of hours).

The beauty of OF is that if you finish the 3-5 items on your list, it's not that hard to queue up another 3-5 items.

Often, I'll simply take this list of 3-5 items and put it somewhere else. On a piece of paper, in a text editor, in Trello, etc. But you could probably use the flagging function of OF to accomplish the same end.

The key for me is eliminating the distraction of all the items in OF and just focusing on what needs to be in front of me now.