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How to deal with delegation is one of the most contentious issues in GTD tools. I understand that Omni's view is that you should use contexts for this (@Joe etc) but I am not sure that it is an adequate solution. The context for a delegated action IMO is the place/time where you remind/chase/pester that person to complete the action.

The only tool that I have seen addressing this well is ThinkingRock. iGTD has it in its road map (in fact, the 1.4 released this week already allows you to filter for delegated actions, but you can't enter them :-)))

By the way, I think a delegated action can be the next action, if your own actions depend on it. Also, if you say that an action is completely out of your control, then it isn't really delegated, but you're just waiting for someting to happen. Delegation, as I understand it, means you ask someone to something for you, and the control you have is limited (you can chase), but it is real nevertheless.

Anyway, I have raised the delegation requirement on the Omni blog a while ago. Omni's view is, as I said, to use contexts. For some people this will be OK, but I'm not one of them.

(still waiting for the OF alpha...)