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Originally Posted by mattw
I tried to create a delegation system using contexts, but it is limited. I created an @Waiting context, and added @Joe as a subcontext under @Waiting. That way, anything that I'm waiting on from Joe will appear in that context. However, this does not work: OmniFocus does not know that actions with an @Joe context are out of my control and still will count them as next actions.
Select the @Joe context, pull up the Context inspector, and turn off "Allows next actions". Now you won't see any actions assigned to the @Joe context.

I should note that that's not how I tend to work, myself: instead, I put a task in my Agenda:Joe context (which does allow next actions) so that I can ask Joe about it the next time I see him (possibly with a future start date so I don't bug him prematurely). But just because that's how I do it doesn't mean it's how you should!