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Originally Posted by bushford
I have read the good book, but I find in practice that waiting for as a context doesn't work for me, for delegated actions.

If I have a weekly meeting with Joe, then this meeting is for me the context for the delegated action. It is also the context where I have some actions for myself (e.g. "explain the planning for next month")

Susan, on the other hand, I never meet. I only talk to her on the phone. So that delegated action goes to the @Phone context.

The context information about an action is just not the same as the information about who has to do it.

So, I respectfully disagree.

I believe that David Allen is oversimplifying the treatment of delegated actions (am I a heretic now :) ?).

Particularly if 50% of the actions in my system are delegated, the context solution just doesn't fly for me.
It seems that some tasks may have multiple contexts, depending on one's view or perspective at the time. For instance one could put the delegated task for Susan in @Phone and @Agenda:Susan and @Waiting For. Not multiple tasks, but multiple views of the same task from different contexts. Modification or completion of the task in any one context is reflected in the other contexts.

Does OmniFocus support multiple contexts in this way?