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I object this behaviour, because I need entries as "stuff" within projects. Some things that enter my inbox arenīt actions. Of course, processing the inbox involves answering the question, what these items are. One might be tempted to think that they turn into projects, single actions or action groups at this stage. But I think it is nice to store other types of information within OF, too.

If I have a project of building a website, two items within my inbox might read "donīt use .Mac - it is too slow for German subscribers" or "choose an application to design the pages". These arenīt actions. But as long as I have assigned a proper next action to this project, there is no need to think hard about what they mean. And I prefer to store these thoughts within the project instead of cluttering my inbox. (As I understand GTD, you donīt need to plan everything about your project. You have to collect everything and make sure there is one next action with a context assigned to the project.)

As explained in a different thread, I would prefer items without a context to lose the checkbox (because they cannot be done) and an indicator within each projectīs title bar that shows at a glance if there is an item within the project that has a context.

The question is if all thinking / planning (as opposed to doing) is part of processing the inbox or if reviewing your projects involves thinking / planning (as opposed to auditing / checking) as well.

(You could store "stuff" within the notes, of course. But this would make it harder to move it around or finally turn it into actions or projects.)

(At the moment, I have a "action" group called "planning" for most of my projects containing stuff, and a second action group called "tasks" containing actions with a context.)

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