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Curt, thanks for your reply (and thanks for the AppleScripts, by the way).

To set up a planning context is a great idea and I will adopt it. But it does not work for everything within my OF database (which, of course, you did not claim). For a while I had a context named "stuff" - and I would reanimate it, if Annaīs proposal became implemented. So I might withdraw my objection. But in any case I need a way to store stuff. (I like the idea of having a preference control if context-less items also appear in the inbox.)

(Iīm kind of a dreamer and my problem never was having too much to do, but rather planning without doing the things planned. So GTDīs challenge for me is: assign a next action. And keeping everything in OF simply appeases me, because I donīt need to worry as much about the organization of all these priorities, goals and projects. Itīs all there. With the possibility of focussing on details or looking at the great picture. And I can concentrate on assigning actions. - Having said that, I hope the huge pile of stuff I amassed through the years will not stay with me for all time but will vanish slowly because of me getting things done. But right now, I take comfort in not being forced to throw all these thoughts into the garbage can.)

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I'd probably also write the action as "Brainstorm steps for choosing an application...", just to make it an easier widget to crank.
Absolutely right - and as a dreamer I am deeply grateful for the distinction between physical actions and "stuff". But as long as I have not learned to phrase my ideas instantaneously as physical actions, I like to dump "stuff" into my system (and into a specific project) and postpone thinking about what it is and what it means.

Cheers, Jan

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