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Since I don't (yet) know Applescript, I came up with a fairly simple workaround. It does rely on being able to create an alias email address. I think the steps necessary are the following (there may be an extra unnecessary one in there, but I'm sleepy at the moment. . . )

-- in Omni, set Mail to respond to "Omnifocus" and add "" as a valid address.

-- that should have added a new rule in Mail called "send to Omnifocus." Change the recipient to plain vanilla "omnifocus" by simply removing the plus sign (+) since that does indeed confuse jott.

-- Go to your mail account in the sky -- in my case .Mac -- and create an alias; the name I gave it was Omni Omnifocus and an appropriate address that .mac will accept. Suzy Omnifocus should also work just fine.

-- now go to Jott and add Omni Omnifocus and whatever alias email address you have created.

-- Now, when you call Jott, just say you want to jott Omni (or Suzy, etc), and the voice will say, in my case, "Omni Omnifocus?" Since that's who the email is addressed to, the mail rule in Mail plops the text straight into Omni's Inbox.

-- I've not yet tried adding Omni Omnifocus to IWantSandy, but since I do Jott to Sandy, and that service is better at parsing natural language into calendar entries, I keep meaning to try it as a very, very roundabout way to get from my phone to iCal. Ah geek joy!

I hope this helps someone!