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I'm really impressed with the beta so far. I really hope OG pushes OW even harder in the future. IMHO, it's been the premier browser on any platform for years. Clean, powerful, and smooth. Keep up the good work, OG.

Safari is awesome, but not powerful enough.
Firefox is powerful, but feels like crap.
OmniWeb, just right.
I, too, hope that OW will introduce some new features in V. 6. That being said, check out Firefox 3B4. It has improved dramatically. One feature I like in the new version is the ability to select which applications or plugins will work with what files. So, when using WorldCat to search libraries, I can select "download to Endnote" then have Firefox import directly bibliographic information (.ris) into BookEnds. Works brilliantly. Bookmark management has also been improved dramatically.

So I hope that OG is peeking at other browsers for some more creative inspiration.