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It's difficult to argue with this. Safari+SafariStand is such a stellar combination that I can live with the absence of a few beloved OW features. And, for some of the power features, things like Scribefire, Twitter and other plugins that are offered with Firefox 3 make the Safari-FF dichotomy a more rational one.

It will be so horrible if OW were to perish, but the Omnigroup cannot be faulted for making an important business decision.

Well, when I upgrade to an intel Mac, maybe some of the problems I've been experiencing with OW will go away.

Until then...


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To be honest, I seriously doubt we'll ever see a 6.0 of OW. Unless they've got some major re-thinking of a browser planned, there seems to be no reason. OW can't be making much money for Omni anymore. The lower price coupled by the improvements in recent Safari and other browsers makes the rationale for OW even smaller than it was before.