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There are two reasons why I use Daylite for managing my schedule, leads, contacts, communications, and relationships, while using OF for project and task management:

1) Daylite isn't a great task manager. The viewing options make it very difficult to sort through large amounts of tasks. Marketcircle posted a blog explaining how to GTD with Daylite, but it's not a great way to do it.

2) Daylite doesn't have an iPhone app, yet. It should be coming later this year, but I need to be able to access my projects and tasks from anywhere, right now.

There are very few CRM programs (if any) that handle tasks well. If you've got a yacht and a car, there's no point in going 5 miles to work in a yacht. Daylite is a big ship that can tread a lot of water, but it simply doesn't get the job done on dry land.

It's a stupid metaphor, but you get the picture. I wish I could do everything in one program, but it's not that simple. I manage my contacts in Daylite, their password info in 1Password, their billing info in Joomla using nBill, and their projects using Omnifocus. Most of it integrates pretty well, so it's not too much data entry.

Daylite is good for recording large projects and tasks, though. I plan and execute tasks and projects in Omnifocus, but the important ones that are related to sales and service always get recorded in Daylite. That way, I always know what's going on, what I have done, and what I have to do.