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OmniFocus on the Mac and on the iPhone will sync one minute after you make changes, or an hour after the last sync if no changes have been entered.
Question: Does OmniFocus iPhone have to be running for sync to occur? In other words, I start OmniFocus iPhone, make some change, immediately switch over to Mail, compose a message, then turn off the iPhone. Does OF iPhone really sync 1 minute later, or will it only sync the next time I run OF iPhone?

Likewise, I assume if I make changes on OF Mac (which get sync'ed locally if that's where the database lives) and after a while sleep the Mac, *THEN* I turn on the iPhone and fire up OF, it can't sync to grab those changes, right?

I guess I'm asking is this bottom line question: OF iPhone can't sync in the background so a) OF iPhone has to be running, AND b) the Mac with the OF Bonjour sync database must be up AT THE SAME time for items to get on and off the iPhone, correct?