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Just a note/tip.
Single actions should be relatively rare. You should be more liberal with what you consider to be a project and much more granular with your "next actions". Most of the single actions you mentioned above for example are indeed projects. The "next action" should be something dead-simple and easy to perform with virtually no mental resistance. What is the first physical action that you need to perform to "Create a new savings CD" for example?
Currently "Create a new savings CD" is an "open loop" because you have think about how you would start doing that.
Thanks for the tip. I have tried reviewing my lists but i still see a lot single actions that really are just actions.
"Create a new savings CD" really is only a single action. I should have worded it differently. Maybe, "Fill out online application for flex CD on Bank of America website". But that is the only step i need to do for that. I see no reason to create a project.

I also have a bunch of just random things like:

Read an article related to Java Development (@Computer:Web)
Kobe (@Errands:Restaurants )
Archive Data in OmniFocus (@Computer)
Discuss lights in parking lot (@Agendas:Meetings:Monday Meeting)
Create a twitter account (@Computer:Web)
Take GTI to VW Dealer for 2 Recall Fixes (@Errands:Auto)
Find a remote for TV downstairs on Ebay (@Computer:Web)

So, I still seem to have a lot of these and I would like to be able to put the ones on hold that I do not want to do right away.