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Well, part of the Weekly Review is to determine what you can delete, delegate, or put in Someday/Maybe. That way, you can concentrate on doing the things that mean most to you or are the most urgent now.

All the other stuff that you've been meaning to get to (conquering that stack of books or DVDs sitting on the table, finally fixing that creaky closet door) is at least recorded and waiting for your next weekly review. Then at the appropriate time, you can return it back to active status.

That's the beauty of being able to use OmniFocus for your weekly review. Just focus in on certain contexts and see what next actions are available for you. Hide all the rest of the next actions that can't be done unless step 1, 2, and 3 are accomplished. Hide all the Someday/Maybe projects until review time.

That's the simplicity of GTD. OmniFocus is a great tool to help with your weekly review. When I first started using OmniFocus, I spent most of my time in Context mode or in Planning/Project mode. When I eventually discovered Review mode, that's when it started clicking for me.