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I use OF so obviously I don't agree with him on this point ,but if you go back and read a lot of David Allen's past writings [newsletter and forum postings] he and pretty much everyone at Davidco [those that post on the subject ] , don't seem to like " nesting " for projects and or tasks.

Those individuals that belong to the "GTD police " [trust me they exist ] would tell you that projects should be a simple list and not a container or link to actions like omnifocus and things and hit list and lots of other programs do .
Wow, I'm surprised to hear that. For me, hierarchies seem so intuitive, almost instinctive. They're everywhere, and the human brain seems to process and organize things that way naturally when trying to comprehend complex systems. With hierarchies, we can grasp huge amounts of data without having to acknowledge every little detail at once.

I think maybe that's why I've always felt so comfortable in OmniOutliner, and later OmniFocus. They just fit the way my brain works. :-)

But DA is the expert. I imagine he's done a lot more thinking on this topic than I have. But like ext555 said, this works for me.