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I've had a very good experience using MobileMe as my sync source. I've been using it since the beginning and it's been virtually trouble-free. I would definitely consider myself a heavy user, accessing OmniFocus on both my iPhone and my Mac several time an hour throughout the day.

Latency hasn't been a problem at all for me. In fact, most syncs complete in about 10-30 seconds (and sometimes even less). This is over Wi-Fi or 3G and assumes I've been keeping both of my clients synced at least a couple times a day, which is usually the case. Even over Edge it hasn't really been a problem.

I did turn off automatic syncing on my iPhone though. I prefer to control when a sync initiates so that I can get right to my data when I start up the app on my iPhone. Then, after I've made a bunch of changes, I tap the sync button, sleep the display, and slip my iPhone back into my pocket. It continues its sync while I move on with whatever I'm doing. Works beautifully.

I'm not sure what you consider a large database, but I've got about 2,300 actions and 420 projects according to the settings screen in the iPhone app.


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