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Originally Posted by JKT
FWIW, although it doesn't exactly do what you are asking, the blocks plugin for Rapidweaver from goes part of the way there. Perhaps drop the developer a line to see if he could code what you are looking for.

Edit: Naturally, the big bear in the room is IE6 which would screw up any WYSIWYG design that was done to web standards. The app would have to explicitly produce the screwy code need to make it IE6 compatible which may not make it something trivial to develop.

Well I did try and email him, and at first I thought he knew what i was talking about. but then any conversation stopped...

It's funny, I would care less if someone stole teh idea and made it.. As long as it's made I am happy, now it would be nice to hear from whoever makes it cause I have more design ideas for the tool and it's interface. But it's to long to point ot if no one will ever help me..

How do I get a developer? I just don't seem to have luck with making this idea clear enough..