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Originally Posted by Stormchild
Have you already tried CSSEdit and Style Master?
Yes I have. CSSEdit Not the visual tool I am after, to much of a code hacking sort still.
Great for making them, and hacking them, but not a visual design canvas tool..

Style Master just simply a mess. Not trying to be harsh, it's just like 'YIKES"

i'm after a very slick sleek design of an app, with as few menus as possible and focus JUST on design in a visual programming sense, ... The design makes more sense when you know what your limtaions are and how you have to work with them to layout a page semantically, instead of photoshop slices...

It's like you design better when you know what the hurdles are that you have to work within..

Example: a one image liquid div border. This is not possible in photoshop design. And is usealy a hack otherwise. And the hack does not go away, but seeing it in this tool would be gold

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