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Generally you would create your outline in OmniOutliner
Well, not if you had to spend part of your day working on Windows, you wouldn't :-)

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You would have to copy and paste the text over and manually re-indent it.
A delightful pastime !

In order to avoid this kind of thing, I wrote a simple utility a few years ago.

(MS Word is, after all, very likely to be the most widely-used outliner there is, not least because it and its clones are rather more cross-platform than OmniOutliner).

If you:
  1. Open your outline in Word,
  2. run ReadTree
  3. choose File > Import > Active Word Outline from the ReadTree menu,

ReadTree will capture the word outline, and you can then choose:
  • File > Export > OmniOutliner 3,
  • or File > Save As (to .opml, also readable in OO3)

You are very welcome to try it.


PS - The simple capacity to import MS Word outlines in this way (without resorting to my utility) would be much appreciated in OO4.

The almost universal currency of MS Word outlines provides a route, for example, from the venerable Inspiration to Omnioutliner. (Despite its great antiquity, Inspiration still does a better job of diagramming outlines than OmniGraffle, which yields a slightly displeasing layout, with too many jagged lines, too much link space, too little text space, and a tendency to let right-angle links overlap in large outlines).


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