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So I'm wondering how OmniFocus users and developers view the mindmapping/planning piece within OmniFocus:

1. Tweeet! That's not what OmniFocus is for. Move along.
2. Sure, it'd be handy for some people.
3. It'd be ideal, but there are reasons why it can't be done.
Excellent thread topic. I look forward to learning from what others have to say.

Personally, I have no desire for mind mapping support in OF. I've tried mind mapping software and find that it gets in my way. Mind mapping only seems to work for me with pen and paper (or whiteboard and marker). I don't find mind mapping essential to GTD. It's helpful to me at the 50k level when I'm feeling anxious, but for translation to goals, projects, and actions, a nested list is adequate.

That said, I wouldn't answer (1); who am I to judge what others might find useful in a personal task management application. But I wouldn't answer (2) either, since effort on adding mind mapping would delay features I'd rather have available such as meta-data columns, smart folders, time-based views of data, and stronger support for Applescript queries of actions. I guess my answer would be, "Sure, add it to the list of requested features, but (at the risk of reopening the mother of all threads) prioritize the new feature request appropriately."