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Start date and due dates will accept inputs like "tod", "now", and "+1h" (one hour from now), but there isn't a dedicated shortcut for 'make due today'. If you'd like to see a shortcut like that added, email the support ninjas and they can vote for that change on your behalf.

Another approach some folks take is to flag items they want to do today, then set up a perspective that shows anything that's due soon or has the flag set. (You can flag items with the mouse or from the keyboard.)

A "due soon or flagged" perspective can be set up with these steps:
View -> Context Mode
View -> Sidebar Filter -> Remaining
View -> Status Filter -> Due or Flagged

(You can choose whichever options work best for you in the "Grouping" and "Sorting" submenus.)

Once you have the window showing the results you want to see in the future, you can save the settings for easy access in the future with
Perspectives -> Save window as -> New Perspective

You can then name the perspective in the window that appears. (If you like, you can also set up a custom keyboard shortcut that takes you straight to it.)

Does that help?

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