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absolutely agree. i love omnifocus for its flexibility. however, it's essential (for me at least) to be able to quickly zoom in on what actions i want/need to do today, and in what order. things is excellent in that regard, and the omission of a dedicated "today" assignment shortcut, plus the ability to reorder "today" items is a bummer.

it's not enough to be able to put today's date in the due date field, because there's no way (that i can see at least), of just showing items that are due today and no other day. it's not about when an action is due, it's being able to subselect a group of actions that one wants to get done today, from any of the millions of actions available. next actions isn't enough either, because it shows all next actions from every project, not just the ones one wants to do today.

the ability to reorder the today list gives some project management dependency functionality to the list, and means that there is one less thing to keep remembering - namely, what order things need to be done in.

we want today! the ninjas have been alerted...
There are ways to do this in OF except manually sorting the list. Now as for me, I would trade off that feature for my ability to sort things in many different ways (the feature Things can provide in a limited fashion).

If you set the start time to 12 am and default due time to 11:59 pm, and set the due soon to 24 hours, then you can practically get the Today function by using the perspective set up. If you use Flag as the manual "Today" function offered in Things, then you can duplicate that as well.

So, I have a Today's perspective that shows me what's due today and I can add to the list by flagging any important items I want. So, this is the same "Today" view I would get in Things. The only thing you don't get is manual sorting, but I can quickly figure out what I need to work next depending on the situation I'm in that particular day, and I would trade that over many different ways I can sort the list.

OF offers so many more powerful features than Things, and if you learn how to use the perspectives, you can not only duplicate what you get in Things but much more.