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Context mode sorts first by the ordering of your contexts and second by the order of the actions in the main project outline.
This is what doesn't make sense to me—why would I want the Contexts sorting to be dependent on the Projects sorting? The point is to have two different ways of looking at the same info. I'm not going to move my Projects around so I can see it the way I want it in Contexts.

I note that the iPhone app seems to sort items in Context by due date, not Project order. Unless of course it arranges Projects differently.

Do you have OF on the desktop? If so, create a context mode perspective there sorted and grouped as you want.
This works as advertised, so it serves as a workaround. The view is slightly different, and of course you can't quickly change it to view a different set of actions. I would prefer to have more robust sorting in the Contexts view.

I'll be submitting this via email as a feature request. I suggest everyone else who would like to see this feature do the same.