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The idea is that the ordering of projects in project mode serves as a rough approximation of priority. So in context mode the most important items in each context appear at the top of the context.
My working system is actually different. I keep projects in different folders, according to the larger project (a system I started in graduate school, with a different folder for each class; OF support staff tried to talk me into using projects for classes, and and items and sub-items for each class project, but that never worked). Within the folders, the projects are arranged more or less by creation date, since I always knew I could sort them in Context view, which is what I work from day-by-day.

So you see in any one Context, I could have items not only from different projects, but different folders (which serve as uber-Projects). To try to arrange them in Project view by order of importance would be impossible.

Note that I'm not saying anything about the quality of the design, I'm merely explaining how it works.
The genius of OF Mac is that you can do the kind of thing I did and make it work, even when it was intended to be used some other way. That's what we pay the big bucks for.

Since we've paid a lot for OF iPad, we expect similar versatility.

I keep about a dozen different perspectives in my sidebar. Sorting, grouping, and focus settings all carry over from the desktop. These perspectives are essentially saved selection and sorting options.
Clever. And a good workaround for people like me who want more robust sorting.

But I still want more robust sorting!