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I was trying out the review feature on the iPad. I don't remember exactly what I did, but remember toggling the big buttons on the bottom. I finished the review session and moved back to look at the contexts view. Low and behold, some 400 of my past tasks reappeared as unchecked in the single actions folder. Apparently Omnifocus then synced with my webdav server, because I tried restoring the last version on the server to no avail. I went to the desktop, opened it up and it grabbed the latest version of the db, showing the 400 incomplete tasks, separated into 3 "single actions" folders (I used to have only one of them like everyone else).

Restoring from yesterday's backup and resyncing did not cure the problem - it synced up with the database and brought all the refuse back. So I manually selected all the tasks and deleted them, followed by a sync.

Did I do something wrong?