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I don't speak for Omni, and I think the fellow best suited to answering your question (Ken Case) is off on (well-deserved) vacation right now, but I'll offer the following observation: Omni also has a product called OmniOutliner, which was the progenitor of OmniFocus. OmniOutliner is the next app coming to the iPad from Omni, due out sometime in the coming months, I believe. I do not believe OmniOutliner would cut the mustard if the outlining features there do not rise above what OmniFocus has so far delivered. Assuming that a viable product is delivered (my fervent hope, as I really want OmniOutliner for my iPad!) I think we will see improvements in the UI retrofitted into OmniFocus.

Have you tried capturing just as a flat list in OmniFocus, then applying the outline structure and ordering after you have the actions entered?