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The basic processing architecture of OWF (which is what OIF uses) doesn't need OmniNetworking; it's only used by some of the specific OWF processors (such as those which implement HTTP and FTP).

OIF, OWF, and OmniNetworking are mostly obsolete: the networking APIS became obsolete when Apple provided Cocoa APIs for talking to web servers, and the image processing layers became obsolete when Apple provided Cocoa APIs for incremental loading of image formats like JFIF and PNG. You're still welcome to pick them over for any useful techniques, of course, or to even adopt them wholesale. But we're not actively developing them anymore.

(OWF and OmniNetworking are still lightly maintained: OmniWeb still uses OWF to load files from the ftp and gopher protocols, to save synchronized bookmarks to WebDAV servers, and to process cookies. And last I checked there wasn't really a Cocoa API equivalent to OmniNetworking, so it's still handy for writing low-level networking protocols—though it's definitely showing its age at this point, since it predates NSError.)