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I'd also know the opinion of this from the folks at Omni. Additionally, if you do keep your attachments in OF, does all that get sync'd to your mobile? That could be an issue if the DB gets large.
Yes, if you embed the files on the Mac, they are copied into the database and synced to mobile devices. This has the advantage that they can be viewed directly from the app on the mobile device, but if the files are large, your database will be also and that can make for some syncs being slower. It does work, and it is supported, but I try to remove large items from the active database as soon as possible.

It is also important if embedding files to understand that if you change the file after embedding it, your change will not be reflected in the embedded file unless you remove the old embedded copy and embed the new one. That will cause a slow sync for your next sync, as the large file will have to be written to the network again.

Only you can decide what is acceptable performance for your needs. Get some files like you might want to embed, make a test project, and embed away! Do some syncs, see how it behaves with your computer, your iOS gadget, your network connectivity.