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I was momentarily confused, then I realized this meant Carbonfin Outliner for iPad, not OmniOutliner. :-)

We do have a feature request open on TextExpander support in OmniOutliner for iPad; as always, email the support ninjas and let them know what you need.

(This isn't a promise that we'll get that feature in there for the initial release; I'm just saying that you shouldn't let the fact that the app hasn't been released yet stop you from letting us know what you'd like to see in it.)
Thanks Brian, I do know you guys are working hard, etc., however, don't worry, I absolutely won't get my hopes up that you might integrate TextExpander to OO Touch or OF Touch anytime soon: last time I asked, you said it was one of the more frequently requested features. That was last December. (Yes, there is more than a slight disappointment in my tone.)