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Hi guys,

I'm currently in China for these next few weeks after already being here for over a month.

My working position here hit a bit of a descrepancy a few days ago when a few coordinators decided to dock my pay, considering I began work 3 days after the start of the working month. It seems that under this current position, we're paid a monthly salary based on having worked a full working month. The "working month" begins on the 5th of every month. I was docked a 5th of my paycheck considering the people running this program state I began working the 8th of March, rather than the 5th.

Now, I could've sworn I began working here in China around the 5th or 6th, considering I landed in Beijing on the 3rd of March, interviewed on the 4th and began working almost immediately.

This is where I believe OF on my Mac could come in handy. Like you, I use OmniFocus to document everything...whether its a project or even a simple thought turned into an inbox item. Surely OF would hold some sort of clue as to when I began working.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Before, back in the states, whether it be a friend or colleague ask me when what day I began a certain project or when I completed it...I'd love to revert back to my past version of OF and be able to provide an answer. (Whether it be information from a month ago, a week, day or even a year ago).

Any easy advice here? I'd really appreciate it.

By the way, as to my current situation I described above, I've been filming video everyday of my travels in China and it just so happens I filmed my first day of work (the fast paced taxi ride and meeting new co-workers). The film had a stamp date of March 6th, one day after the month began and not three meaning I shouldn't really get docked any or much pay. Luckily I was filming and it recorded the time and date...but OmniFocus for me is a tool I use almost every hour of everyday (Unless of course i'm tackling a project.)

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