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Since OmniOutliner doesn't have any illustration capabilities but does accept copy/pasted images I figured I would try to learn which of the many drawing apps is the best for the job. Two stand out, each for their own particular reasons:

iDraw has by far the easiest to access interface coupled with some of the most powerful drawing tools you can get on the iPad. It's not Illustrator but it's close and not nearly a complicated. It 'feels' much like an Omni app so manoeuvring between the two doesn't require the paradigm shift that things like iDesigner require.

What makes iDraw stand out from the others is how quickly you can move between freehand sketches and illustrator like vector objects. No mode switching, it just works.

OmniGraffle - While you might think that I'd recommend this for those who need to slap together a quick flow chart or ER diagram it's more of a chore than it perhaps should be. This is due in no small part to OG's awesome flexibility. If you already use OG (and I do every day) and you are a wiz at its peculiarities then by all means use it.

OmniGraffle is definitely not as snappy for freehand work as iDraw. Nor is iDraw as good at rigid diagramming as OmniGraffle. For this reason I recommend both as both can copy/paste into OO just fine.

I also recommend then when bringing graphics in you put them on their own row. You can quickly move that row by dragging in the left margin. Put it under a heading row and you can hide it easily. You can also attach notes to the row as you can other row though selecting the row isn't as intuitive as if it contained text. I usually tap in the left margin.

And of course I always recommend the BoxWave brand stylus. It makes those doodles so much neater :)