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I've got MANY art apps for the iPad, as digital painting is my main use for it.
Unfortunately, I can't really suggest any of those apps for this workflow.
None that I've found allow you to copy from the document browser, so anything MUST be exported to your photos library, then copied from there. Very slow, and you have no real control over file size.

(for what it's worth, iDraw is nice, fluid, but only Vector, not raster.)

I'm making a comic script, and I'm thinking about pasting in my rough drafts. I tried it on the iPad. Exported from Sketchbook Pro to photos (my fave besides Ideas) and then used PhotoPad to resize the image and save again to photos, then went to photos to copy, then back to OO to paste, all to see a 400 pixel image. Not really that useful.

I am 100 percent in support of a simple drawing tool within OOipad. Sketching is fundamental in my note taking. OG doesn't work for me for notetaking. I want to be able to attach images to a row, then hide them, using the whole thing like more like a database of a project, rather than a diagram. I don't see a way to collapse an image in OG like you can in OO.
When I took Art History I did a quick thumbnail sketch of every slide we discussed. Being able to hack out a thumbnail in the same app would be awesome.

and boy would I be up for beta-testing that feature. ;)