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Another nice vector drawing app is InkPad. I have gone between iDraw and InkPad, and InkPad seems more intuitive to me. It is lacking some things like gradient fills for text, but overall the interface is fantastic.

A quick drawing module inside of OOiP would be nice to have for quick sketches and mockups.
Yes, Inkpad is good, i use it as well, but unfortunately I don't think it allows you to copy stuff unless you copy the whole page. What makes iDraw successful in this comparison is that you can select what you want and copy it into OO without any extra cropping or resizing needed.

One of the qualifying factors is that neither OG nor iDraw require you to save as an intermediary step AND they only copy what you select so the size of the drawing doesn't take up a horrible amount of space.

Personally I'd rather see robust outlining features including exportability to word processors that works without a computer, copy/paste out of OO, inclusive support of keyboard commands and so on than a drawing tool built in. Though that would be great, I think Omni has a lot to do with OO as it stands before features that go beyond outlining.

With a tool that we can copy and paste drawings in without wasting a lot of white space all things are at least good. Without a way of getting our outlines elsewhere in a format that can be word processed without a ton of work we have an outliner that doesn't really work well in many workflows.