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I'll tell you this: This is my first review of an app, (Trying to get in to this stuff) so bare with me, here. I'll try to make it short and simple.

OmniFocus is a very simple, but powerful task manager. The iPhone version is actually a lot more simple than the desktop version, but IMO, that's a lot better. Everything is right there for you; it's a VERY simple application. If you guys aren't familiar with this app, all you do is, create tasks for yourself, (usually by the Inbox). You click the Inbox, and tab the "+" button, and there you go.
You can put it into context, assign it as a project, set an alert, and you can even repeat the alert, (which most GTD apps don't allow you to do.) You can also add a photo if you like. You can also record audio. If you use a context, you can create something like: "Get some milk", or, "Get snacks," something along those lines. Then, you can file them in a "Groceries" context. You can view all of these to-do's by clicking "Relax". It's handy if you're on a trip and you'd want to do multiple things in a day. And, OmniFocus handles to-do's by location also, so it can group based on location. (You assign the location) So, for example, you can assign locations to the contexts, so, downtown Chicago, as a "shopping" location. Just tap the locations icon and it takes you to a screen where you can see all your tasks and actions by location. Tap the place near the context or task, and the maps app launches and shows you that location. You can also make projects if you're doing range of activities.
Syncing with mac is a breeze. When you download the OmniFocus application, just open the OmniFocus preferences and you can sync from there. The only downside, is, the desktop version is $80, and, with iPhone, you'll have to sync with MobileMe. (That's another $100 a year). I mean, to just get things done? That's a lot of money.
If you're just looking for a program to jot things down, get a cheeper application, and less serious. But, if you're always on the busy side, planning projects, going on trips, and having an amazing Mac application, OmniFocus is right for you.