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Ken says: "you should now be able to work a project all the way through to completion simply by checking off its Next Actions one at a time in context mode."

ONLY if all the child actions are in the same context. Otherwise they're divided from the project and not displayed.
I think you are misreading Ken's statement here. If you have a sequential project with actions A, B, C, if you view that project in context mode, only showing Next Actions, you will initially only see action A in whatever context it occupies. Tick it off, and B pops up. Again, tick it off and C pops up. Tick that off, and the project itself pops up, allowing you to either mark it complete or add more actions. He is not saying that the actions will be necessarily shown grouped together in context mode (though they might be, if you grouped by project). Of course, if you have your projects and action groups fully populated at all times, and the bit set that tells OF to auto-complete them, this isn't much of a feature!

IMO, this is not intended for use as you suggest, working on one project to the exclusion of all else, but rather to make it more quickly apparent that a project (or action group) has had all of its predetermined actions completed so that it can be immediately marked complete, if appropriate, or fleshed out further, without having to wait for a review to catch the now-empty project or action group.