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Originally Posted by WrongSizeGlass
Have you tried selecting another Section and printing? Does that change what appears in the Header/Footer?
James B
Well, if that is not one of the most unintuitive pieces of user interface! What I thought I could do was like in a word processor, where one can put the section title in the header of a page. For instance, this document describes what is in a bunch of rooms, and I thought if I had "Room 1" in the header it would be a lot easier to read, rather than having to look back to previous pages to see which room you are in.

But what you are saying is right. If I select the document in the Utilities pane, then the section name printed is the document name, if I select a level 1 row, then the section name printed comes from thatt level 1 row, and if I select a level 2 row, etc.

So the only way to get the section 2 row as the "section" title in the header or footer is to select each section 2 row, print those pages, and then collate the document (physically, or as a pdf). Naturally, this will enforce that there be page breaks between the "sections" as well.

Thanks for explaining the "how"--but the "why" still eludes me ;)