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Hi there,

I fould a really helpful script on, which can be used with a hazel rule (

The script automatically looks at a folder and creates a new task for new files in the folder (and moving the file away). This is quite nice, but it would be a lot more helpful for me if I could assign a project, a context and a start time (today+x).

Anyone able to help me? Didn't found a documentation of all the OmniFocus Parameters (and still if i'd found it i think i wouldn't have managed to get this done; kinda new to apple and not the biggest nerd).

Here is the script:
tell application "Finder" to set file_name to (name of theFile)
set theDate to current date
set theNote to "Scanned " & (theDate as string) & " 

set projectname to "Proceed Files"

set theTask to "Proceed: \"" & file_name & "\""

tell application "OmniFocus"
	set task_title to theTask
	tell default document
		set newTask to make new inbox task with properties {name:task_title}
		set theProject to projectname
		set note of newTask to theNote
		tell the note of newTask
			make new file attachment with properties {file name:theFile, embedded:false}
		end tell
	end tell
end tell
the variable "projectname" seems not to be working, I've set that to a project i have "Proceed Files" but... this is not added to the task.

Would be cool if you could help me :-)