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A colleague who added a CloudSafe share a few months ago reported this working. We're both using Mac OS X 10.8, but when I try to set it up now, I get that error message from OmniPresence:
Error Connecting!
We could not connect to your selected cloud location.
WebDAV server failed conformance test.
Move of collection should return the correct destination URL.
Authentication with CloudSafe is working fine. Local directory permissions seem OK (permit write by owner).

Any suggestions appreciated!
I've contacted OmniGroup and they said it is not working with the current version. They've updated the conformance test and it doesn't pass anymore -- they say they don't even know why it passed in the first place.

I'm using version 1.0 of OmniPresence and OmniOutliner 1.5 on iPad; that's the last version that does work with CloudSafe.

OmniGroup says I have to contact CloudSafe and see if they can help me, but I haven't had the time. I don't even know if they know what OmniPresence is. But it maybe worth emailing them. I'll do that as soon as I've finished my project. The more people email them, the higher priority it gets.