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Originally Posted by Blanford View Post is one of the more popular email providers that also has webdav

Using OmniPresence/1.0.1/GM-v1.3

Followed instructions here


with got an error message that 'You don't have permission to access /.com.omnigroup.OmniPresence/ on this server."

with Omnipresecse seemed to get part way through creating its conformance testing directories before crashing.

Has any one else had any success getting Omnipresence to work with fastmail's webdav?

I setup fastmail using my and have been successfully syncing some textedit rtf files between macs. I haven't tried it w/ any omni apps at this point. It appears to be working fine. Initial set up failed after creating .com.omnigroup hidden folder. I checked console and there were multiple 409 errors related to webdav. I tried deleting the .com.omnigroup folder and ran conformance test and it worked fine. I'm not sure deleting the folder was the fix and I did nothing to address the 409 errors. Mainly blind luck.

Omnipresence version 1.1 (v4.2 r198502)