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I know that OG is busy with OP on the iPad but it would be nice to finally have these bugs fixed, some of them half a year since notification. Maybe at least some comments about their status? (The PDF layout bug seems simple to fix to me, but maybe not?):
  • Bug in filter subsystem (dependency chain filter working depends on showing it in group tasks or flat list)
  • a MPP milestone is not imported as a milestone but a 0-day
    task (i know you are working on a new importer, any beta test soon?)
  • PDF export respects wrongly the height of uncollapsed lines, even so only the Gantt chart should be produced, producing a very low density Gantt chart with odd heigh lines.
  • Drawing of dependency lines look cluttered due to overlayed date string drawing (the date separator interrupts the dependency line)
  • Project->Catch Up to Date (Or toolbar button 'Update completion of tasks to a certain date) does not update milestones (bug or feature?).

plus very useful and helpful feature requests:
  • OP to remember the last
    state of the checkbox 'Only update selected items' for the dialog
    'Update completion of tasks to a certain date'.
  • Include 'Do NOT match' filter criteria

Best regards,