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Ok, finally got that working (by running Project as Administrator!) and it looks like we've got some steps forward and some back. The tasks are incorrectly getting reordered, the milestone in question is imported as a milestone with the correct date. The project start date is 12/21/2010, which we import correctly, but MSP lets you schedule tasks before the project start date, whereas in our world we don't, so we need to back-date the project start date to the actual date where, er, the project starts, if you will. Back to work.

It would be really good, if the task numbers stay the same in MSP and OP. To my knowledge, OP was one of the few Mac scheduling programs that achieved that in the past.
The backdating problem I had as well, this 'feature' of MSP cracks me up all the time. ;)
We really should propagate the XML format more. If I ever will be in the position to push for a schedule exchange format, I will push for XML of course.