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Thank you for your reply. Yes calendar color selection is a very welcome thing. It had been working fine before under iOS5, but did not notice when it stopped working for my OF calendar subscription.

I do not use OF on my Mac. I use it on my iPhone and iPad. However, I did launch the app on my Mac and synchronized the database. Then I launched iCal just in case and looked for a calendar (or something) representing OF tasks, but there wasn't one (looked in OF Mac app too and saw nothing). I do not believe they are linked, or if so, it is not apparent.

I believe this color setting worked fine until a newer recent release of OF, but I was not paying attention to give a more precise time when I notice this to have stopped working.

Is it possible that the iPhone app is resetting the calendar subscription in a way that it is defaulting to the first color the phone is giving it?

Again, thank you for your time.

(Sync method is OSS)